EASTERN BOTANICALS LTD products are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards guaranteed by our CMP,cGMP and TGA license.We pride ourselves on being able to offer:
*TGA GMP licensed and registered manufacturing facilities
*Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Operating procedures(cGMPs and SOPs)
*Proprietary extraction process
Our Quality Assurance Program(QAP) includes the latest scientific infrmation,technology,training,and testing methods.QAP performs testing and inspection to the approal Tablet Disslution/Disintegration equipment-to guarantee conformance with rigid USP specificaions.
Chemical Analysis   (guarantees lable claims for potency)
*Fourier Transform Infrared(FT-IR) and Near Infrared(N-IRo spectrometers-for positive identification fingerpriting of incoming raw materials.
*High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) -for accurate quantitative analysis of Vitamins,amino acids and botanical actives.
*Beckman UV/Visible Spectrometer-for quantitative analysis by light absorption.
*Brinkmann Automatic Tirator-for wet chemical assays.
*Tablet Dissolution Disintegration equipment-to guarantee conformance with rigid USP specifications.
Physical Analysis    (guarantees consistency and uniformity)
*Physical testing equipment determines tablet weigh,hardness,thickness,and friablity,as well as tap density and pr\article size of powders.
Microbiological Analysis   (guarantees purity)
*Our Microbiology Lab guarantees that raw materials and finished products comply with stict USP requirements.
Stablility Analysis   (guarantees shelf life)
*Accelerated shelf-stablility testing through various humidified and non-humidified chambers.

*Product inspection & full in-process controls
*Reliable/fast/cost-effective laboratory services