Anti Dysmenorrhea Tablet 100*600mg

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Anti Dysmenorrhea Tablet 100*600mg

Manufacturing under TGA Australia Pharmaceutical GMP

Anti Dysmenorrhea Tablet 100*600mg AUST L:324959


Cyperus rotundus(6.62:1)       

Paeonia lactiflora(6.62:1)       

Rehmannia glutinosa(6.62:1)    

Ziziphus jujuba(6.62:1)         

Paeonia lactiflora(6.62:1)       

Glycyrrhiza uralensis(6.62:1)     

Atractylodes macrocephala(1:1)  

Corydalis ambigua(1:1)         

Angelica root dry(1:1)          

Ligusticum sinense(1:1)         

Dosage:Orally. Take 4 tablets 4 times a day.Or as practioner prescribed.

Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to decrease/reduce/relieve menstruation pain/dysmenorrhoea in/of Liver Qi Stagnation pattern during the day in females.

Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to regulate qi during the day in females.